6 Quick Tips – Kids and Superbowl

Popcorn and chips are ready. Beers are stacked neatly in the fridge. Wings are ready to be put into the oven. Jerseys, t-shirts and any other team memorabilia and good luck items are out and ready. Channel on the TV is set, others will be over soon. Kids are following you and are in constant need of either one thing or the other, getting into this or that.

Should you not even consider the Super Bowl ’12 party and call it off? Nah.

Thanks to our families, friends and loyal customers we have come up with an easy list of things to do for your little ones, to not only feel included but to create memories and build social skills.

1. Have them bring out the snacks, make pretend they are at the stadium and maybe even earn a dollar or two.

2. Water/Towel boy or girl. This will not only introduce them to responsibilities but will also teach them about the nitty gritty details of the game.

3. More the couple of kids on the premises? Take 8.5″ x 11″ Sheet Size paper, write preferred player from your team’s number and pin it on their back. Explain basic rules (without the tackling part), maybe touching a pole, a railing or a wall, and have them play. (If you’re open to escalate the noise level) Look at the bright side it will at least keep them busy!

4. Crayons, paper, print football related imagery.

5. Yes, commercials are fun and some are inappropriate therefore relevancy in distraction becomes even more important. My niece Olivia is 2.5 and a bit dare-devilish. Offering her to play football and use her as the actual ball would work in  an instance. Work out for Dad, fun for the little one.  Emma who is her older sister (7) can be placed as a referee.

6. Cranky due to sugar overload or tired? Although time out seems the best way out, put  a little spin on it. Show them how the players sit on their benches, explain to why and he/she will be encouraged to follow the lead. Play up the importance of  a Football player, their strength, quickness and intelligence. Wouldn’t you want to be just like them, if you were under 10?

We hope these 6 quick tips have been helpful and would love to hear feedback and maybe even other tips!

3 Fun Super Bowl activities for Kids

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


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